Waitress Job Responsibilities

Waitress Job Responsibilities

Waitress Responsibilities

Have you ever thought of asking for the name of the lady who regularly serves you in your favorite restaurant? Have you ever stopped for a while to thank her for the service she accorded to you?

A waitress is a woman whose main job is to ring the food customers at their tables in a restaurant, cafeteria or café? She is the one who attends to all your needs before, during and even after eating. Most of the waitresses are less paid, but they render such invaluable service to people and to the company or restaurant they work for.

Waitress Job Responsibilities

  • Provide a table and seats to customers by escorting them to the place
  • Give warm greetings as soon as the customers enter or when they are already seated and comfortable
  • Present menus advice customers for special offers and specials of the day menus
  • Take food orders from customers
  • Update the customers about the status of their orders so as not to keep them guessing when the food will be done
  • Serve the food carefully as soon as the kitchen staff finishes
  • Constantly check on the customers to find out what other food or service they might need
  • Serve additional condiments if the customers require so
  • Refill customers drinks, especially drinking water as you see them half empty or as the customers require
  • Deliver the bill when the customers signals so
  • Accept payments carefully
  • Return change promptly
  • Escort the customers out and give your thanks and smile
  • Clean up the table afterwards

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