Treasury Analyst Job Responsibilities

Treasury Analyst Job Responsibilities

Treasury Analyst Responsibilities

The main responsibility of treasury analyst is to propose and execute the appropriate decision by observing and analysing the movement of multi-currency within the firm. Treasure analyst is responsible for implementing strategy with the purpose of minimization of risk associate with foreign currency tractions. He is also responsible for put forward effective ways with the purpose of optimizing cash usage with in the firm.

Treasury Analyst job Responsibilities


–          Treasury analyst is responsible for the controlling the standing or                         exposure of the firm cash on the daily basis.

–          Treasury analyst deals with foreign exchange and other tools of money              market.

–          Treasury analyst for the client firm prepares cash positioning for near                future.

–          Treasury analyst supports cash position of client’s firm at the time of                  development of new procedures.

–          The administration of bank accounts of client, client’s loans and deposit             is controlled by treasury analyst.

–          Treasury analyst is liable for looking after of treasury procedures.

–          Analyse bank charges and deploys effective strategy and control                           measures to minimize loss of cash of firm in the form of banking                             charges.

–          Treasury analyst looks after cash requests on the ad-hoc basis.

–          Financial modelling is a key job responsibility of treasury analyst.

–          Formulation of firm’s budget is the responsibility of treasury analyst.

–          Projection of the financial performance of client’s firm is the                                    responsibility of treasury analyst.

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