Transportation Inspector Job Responsibilities

Transportation Inspector Job Responsibilities

A transportation inspector is that employee of the transportation department of the city or town who is responsible for seeing to the fact that all the facilities of modes of transport such as airports, subways, railway stations, bus terminals are running as per the laws of the state and everything is under control. A transportation inspector has many job responsibilities to perform when at duty. A list of the job responsibilities of a transportation inspector have been mentioned in the following points.

Transportation Inspector Job Responsibilities:

  • One of the primary responsibilities of a transportation inspector is to ensure that everything is being run as per the safety regulations on airports, stations, subways etc…
  • A transportation inspector must also ensure that all modes of transportation are working properly and no illegal means of activity is being followed on the transport facilities and terminals.
  • A transportation inspector is also responsible for corresponding with city bus organisations etc. And striking deals and collaborations for the smooth running of means of transports on the city roads.
  • A transportation inspector is responsible for handling streetcars as well as subways. They are responsible for inspecting and investigating every area or location under their control.
  • A transportation inspector is also responsible for making sure that tracks and in proper working condition. They are required to give orders to suitable employees for improvements and upgradation of various such parts of a transportation facility.
  • A transportation inspector is also responsible for handling cases of accidents and mishaps with intelligence and presence of mind.

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