Training Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Training Coordinator Job Responsibilities

A training coordinator is a job position which belongs to that person whose skills and knowledge make him suitable for a job which requires coordinating the activities of those people who are responsible for training new entrants in a company. A training coordinator looks after the proper and smooth functioning of the different training programs going on in the company or organisation at a given time. There are several responsibilities of a person hired for the position of a training coordinator. The following is a list of the most important job responsibilities of a training coordinator.

Training coordinator job responsibilities:

  • A training coordinator is responsible for instructing the trainers¬† about the kind of training to be provided to the interns or trainees of a commercial organisation.
  • A training coordinator is responsible for maintaining notes about the different methods adopted for training in the company in different departments.
  • A training coordinator is also responsible for looking after the fact that the classes or training timings do not clash with other important events in the company.
  • A training coordinator manages and administers the capital and is responsible for allocating a certain amount of the funds to different training programs.
  • A training coordinator attends meetings and seminars to learn about the new training methods and techniques so that he/she can pass on the knowledge to the trainers of the company.
  • A training coordinator is also responsible for evaluating the performance of the trainers as well as the trainees of the company.

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