Theatre Director Job Responsibilities

Theatre Director Job Responsibilities

Theatre Director is responsible for coordinating with the creative director and his team, the production team, artists and other theatre staff in order to come up with a good theatre performance which is liked and accepted by the audience. He/ She may also be involved in searching for talented performers and artists and taking their auditions before finalizing them.

Theatre Director Job Responsibilities

  • Theatre Director is required to study the audience taste and come up with theatre performances that can be enjoyed by them.
  • Theatre Director needs to set the budget for theatre events and direct them accordingly.
  • Theatre Director is required to work in coordination with script writers and provide his inputs.
  • Theatre Director is required to analyse the script and suggest changes in it, if required. A close reading of the script is required in case the writer is new.
  • Theatre Director may also conduct workshops on acting and script development and shall also attend similar workshops conducted by other professionals.
  • Theatre Director trains the performers to hone their acting skills.
  • Theatre Director is required to conduct extensive research on the subject which needs to be dealt with in the performance.
  • Theatre Director is also involved in searching for new talent, conducting auditions and short listing the artists for the plays or other theatrical performances.
  • Theatre Director also looks for designers, musicians and other professionals who are required for planning, managing and conducting the theatrical performances.
  • Theatre Director conducts several rehearsals before the show.
  • Theatre Director gives his inputs in selecting the costumes and approves them.


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