Telecommunications Supervisor Job Responsibilities

Telecommunications Supervisor Job Responsibilities

A telecommunications supervisor is an individual who is appointed by a telecommunications company or organisation of the telecom sector to perform the work of supervision of the field telecom technicians and coordinators. Any person appointed at this job position has to be responsible for many varied job responsibilities. A few of the telecommunications supervisor job responsibilities have been mentioned in the following given points and these can be used to understand the working of any person at this job designation.

Telecommunications Supervisor Job Responsibilities:

  • A telecommunications supervisor is responsible for overseeing the work done by the technicians and coordinators who are required to install, maintain operation sin geographical areas.
  • A telecommunications supervisor is also responsible for planning, organising and supervising the work of subordinates in the installation, modifications and testing of telecommunications systems.
  • A telecommunications supervisor is also responsible for repairing and maintaining of associated equipments of the telecommunications system.
  • A telecommunications supervisor also requires analysing and troubleshooting communications systems to maintain DPS and other state agencies telecom systems as per requirement or orders.
  • A telecommunications supervisor is also responsible for travelling to sites located across different cities in the country to install and maintain communication related equipments and attend user association or staff meetings at these locations.
  • A telecommunication supervisor is the employee of the telecom company who is responsible for emergency call outs and to perform emergency evaluation and repair of the communication systems throughout the respective state and in collaboration with other state agencies.

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