Telecommunications Manager Job Responsibilities

Telecommunications Manager Job Responsibilities

Telecommunications Manager Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of a Telecommunications manager include planning and directing the staff, discussing with technical workers and supervisors regarding installation, maintenance and operation of telecom equipment and networks. They are supposed to supervise the installation of latest facilities and sites.

They also carry out other duties related to management whenever required. They prepare correspondence that deals with telecom systems &maintenance problems.

Telecommunications Manager Job Responsibilities

–          Plan, allot and direct employees who are occupied in installation, construction, operation and protection & operation of various telecommunication systems and support objects.

–          Study and formulate installation, technical, corrective and precautionary maintenance standards.

–          Inspect quality of the equipments.

–          Inspect the site to determine whether they fulfill all the government rules & regulations and standards.

–          Analyze the requirements of manpower and then plan accordingly.

–          Conduct & direct field tests to guarantee efficiency & durability of different equipments.

–          Involved in planning, developing and constructing new telecommunications sites and buildings.

–          Ensure that the users are content with the construction and there is internal consistency.

–          Build and maintain a cordial relationship with state & local agencies, employees and the public.

–          Prepare conditions that are related to tenders for equipments such as spectrum, towers, test equipment and power plants.

–          Prepare budget for the company.

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