Telecommunications Engineer Job Responsibilities

Telecommunications Engineer Job Responsibilities

Telecommunications Engineer Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of a telecommunication engineer include working with equipments of telecommunications, hardware & services. They are responsible for solving problems, assessing situations & finding solutions with the knowledge of telecommunications.

They are responsible for understanding how telecom services and equipment work. They are supposed to handle the troubles that are related to service and find solutions to solve them.

Telecommunications Engineer Job Responsibilities

–          Know how to handle and support various telecommunication equipments.

–           Identify, evaluate & find solutions to different technical problems.

–          Visit and scrutinize sites frequently to check whether any repair is needed.

–          Work promptly in urgent situations and be prepared to handle any interruptions of service.

–          Give authorization to the equipment quality and give notice to the associated authorities if any alteration is required.

–          Know how to design & build telecommunications system.

–          Be aware of the company and government procedures and standards and then follow or apply them accordingly.

–          Proactive in foreseeing problems in equipment and service and come forward with solutions before they crop up.

–          Troubleshoots equipment & technical defects that could occur in this field

–          Possess a wide array of knowledge in their field regarding the installation, circuitry, government compliance & telecom systems including waves, fiber optics, data, voice etc to do their duties

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