Telecom Administrator Job Responsibilities

Telecom Administrator Job Responsibilities

A telecom administrator is an employee of a telecommunications company who is responsible for providing support to the administration of wireless telecommunication devices and services. There are several job duties and responsibilities associated with this job position as it is a job position of a high level in any telecom company or agency. This job position comes after a rich experience in the telecom industry. Given below is a list of the major responsibilities of a telecom administrator.

Telecom Administrator Job Responsibilities:

  • A telecom administrator is responsible for receiving logs and addresses reports along with reported problems or complaints.
  • A telecom administrator is also responsible for managing and administrating devices and services of the department apart from maintaining an inventory of the active service accounts and the equipment accounts.
  • A telecom administrator is required to assist the telecom manager with vendor relations and communications.
  • It is the responsibility of a telecom administrator to look into billing related inquiries and solving of disputes.
  • Telecom administrator is also responsible for receiving and documenting requests for assistance on various cell phones, calling cards, air cards and other types of wireless telecommunication devices.
  • It is the responsibility of a telecom administrator to generate statistical reports for the management as and when requested or ordered.
  • Telecom administrator is responsible for the overall administration of the telecom department and seeing to the fact that all departments are well managed and administered.
  • One of the responsibilities is to track metrics and working with different vendors.

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