Student Worker Job Responsibilities

Student Worker Job Responsibilities

Student Worker Responsibilities

A Student Worker normally assists the university officials and the faculty members in various ways. They need to prepare transcripts, hand out diplomas to the graduates, answering the queries of the parents and students regarding the class schedules, and providing assistance in other administrative jobs and responsibilities.

Some student workers also assist the faculty members with the research or publishing duties.

Student Worker Job Responsibilities


Responsible for performing the various clerical and data entry tasks and file all the important documents accordingly.

–  Handling all the student’s queries and making phone calls, for public relations.

– Maintaining and updating all the records related to the department database.

–  Responsible for maintaining all the information details, related to copying, filing, sorting and compiling the various information details.

–  Maintaining the work area in a clean and organized manner.

–  Responsible for checking and verifying the work and maintaining the accuracy

of the jobs related to data entry.

–  Assisting the professors with lesson plans and encouraging students.

–   Assisting with the organizing of staff meetings

–    Responsible for handling the reception or the front desk.

–   Responsible for reading the manuscripts for the department’s literary journal and email the writers with some feedback and queries about the manuscript.


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