Student Counsellor Job Responsibilities

Student Counsellor Job Responsibilities

Student Counsellor Responsibilities

A student counsellor plays a vital role in any of the educational institutions and their job does not involve directly with teaching, but giving advices and providing guidance to the students about their personal or academic life. A student counsellor often helps the students to deal with the pressures of life and is also responsible for monitoring the overall psychological growth of the students.

Student Counsellor Job Responsibilities


– A student counselor is responsible for guiding the students regarding their career decisions and helping them understand their potential and provide help to pursue their goals.

– Helping the students understand their skill sets and provide them ways to utilize it.

– Providing information about the various colleges and universities and advising them about various requirements.

– Advising the students on their personal problems and helps them to resolve it.

– Engaging the parents and the school authorities, for coming up with a solution, if the child faces some big problem and together they help the child.

– Recognizing the behavioral issues and provides solutions to handle them.

– Holding various sessions with the students to identify the problems, that the child faces and try to understand their troubles and advise them.

– Working as a mediator between the student and the college authorities, if there is an argument and tries to resolve it.


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