Student Assistant Job Responsibilities

Student Assistant Job Responsibilities

Student Assistant Responsibilities

The role of a student assistant is to assist and help other students in the computer labs, involve in the library tasks and assisting the academic department with their duties.  The student assistant has to perform a wide range of clerical and administrative jobs. The student assistants have to work across different departments to carry out the assigned duties.

Student Assistant Job Responsibilities

–         Involve sincerely in the clerical, administrative communication oriented duties.

–         Provide assistance to the different departments.

–         Assist other students and juniors at the computer labs in the school or university.

–         Aid the teaching staff with teaching duties.

–         Help the teachers in areas of research.

–         Assist the librarian with record keeping and maintenance.

–         Process the library materials by labeling and tagging them.

–         Conduct the cataloging procedures.

–         Organize the books on to the shelves

–         Generate acquisition orders for library books using the computer.

–         Deal with the packages and record the invoices in relation to the library books.

–         Carry out the administrative work of the department.

–         Work in coordination with the university or school police and help them with the issuing of parking tickets.

–         Assist the ground staff with the grounds keeping work inside the campus.

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