Structural Engineer Job Responsibilities

Structural Engineer Job Responsibilities

Structural Engineer Responsibilities

One of the major responsibilities of a structural Engineer is to design a structure that is friendly to the weather and climatic conditions and to the human beings. His responsibility is to deal with the problems related to the bend, twist, and collapse of buildings and houses. The responsibility of Structural engineer is to construct bridges, aircraft, theaters, hospitals, ships, and oil rigs and sports venues.

Structural Engineer Job Responsibilities

–          The structural Engineer is responsible for designing the structure of buildings and houses in a way such that, it can meet all the requirements of the client within the needed time span.

–          He is also responsible for checking and examining of whether the structures and buildings are structurally well or not.

–          He must calculate and estimate the pressure, weather and stress that the component of a house or building may face from different disasters such as earth quakes flood etc.

–          He is responsible for analyzing the basic structures and several components of buildings and houses.

–          He must be responsible enough to check out the quality of the numerous materials such as brick, steel, timber etc. that are used for the construction of buildings.

–          His responsibility is to use computer and advanced technologies for constructing the best structure.

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