SOC Auditor Job Responsibilities

By: Tonya Mead, PhD, MBA, M.Ed, Corporate Trainer and Behavioral Scientist

SOC (Security Operations Center) Auditor Job responsibilites focus on job tasks related to cyber security and information security. A SOC auditor or SOC analyst is a member of a team of cyber security professionals working from one location to protect the information and data flowing into and out of a single entity (corporation, nonprofit, small business, or federal, state or local government agency).

In today’s times, the flow of data traffic is moved on the internet highway. The internet (highway) moves data traffic efficiently by breaking down data (or information) into chunks (pieces) of data called packets. Each packet then drives throughout the network’s roads and byways through a series of hops (or hubs). Every hub or hop gots to an ISP or internet service provider.

Major ISPs are AT&T, Comcast, and Charter. You may use one of these as your internet service provider. These ISPs offer individuals, companies, nonprofits, and government agencies access to the network.

As you can imagine, with all of the data flowing to and from the internet, there are ample opportunities for highway robbery (unauthorized access to a network, data system, or data set). Therefore, the demand for a SOC Auditor has never been greater. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by the year 2028, SOC auditor jobs will experience a 32% growth rate. Generally, the SOC Auditor job tasks and duties include the prevention, detection, response and remediation of cyber security, information security and threats to data intrusion.

SOC Auditor Job Responsibilities

SOC Auditor job responsibilities entail the following duties:

  • Maintain advanced knowledge of technology
  • Maintain system adminstration skills on the major platforms such as:  Windows, Macs, and Linux/Unix platforms
  • Install and configure firewalls, (IDS/IPS, SEIM) cyber security and other endpoint protection tools
  • Monitor and track the alerts generate by the cyber security tools for threats
  • Investigate and document suspicious activities
  • Establish incident response protocols
  • Assess the level of risk (threat and vulnerablities) and determine whether to escalate or de-escalate an attack
  • Analyze and assess the scope of the escalated attack
  • Identify the affected network and systems
  • Identify security gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Collect data for further analysis and/or analyze real-live traffic data to determine source, methods of attack, entry points and hardware and software vulnerabilities
  • Report upon metrics related to levels of risk, intrusions, attacks and resolution
  • Maintain defense network
  • Conduct penetration tests
  • Conduct routine audits of network traffic
  • Train others on the importance of cyber security and the application of best practices

SOC Auditor Job Responsibilities

The SOC Auditor specifically works to ensure that the internal controls of an organization, as it relates to information security and cyber security are effective. The SOC Auditor job responsibilities include:

  • Providing consultations to an organization on the methodology for reporting upon the design and operating effectivness of its internal controls over a period of time 
  • Reviewing an organization’s internal controls relating to information security and cyber security
  • Reviewing the organization’s policies relating to data availability, information and data processing integrity, the confidentiality of private personal identifying data, data quality and the privacy of customer data
  • Providing a final report to demonstrate whether the organization has data security, information security, and cyber security controls in place