Site Engineer job Responsibilities

Site Engineer job Responsibilities

Site Engineer Responsibilities

The main responsibility of Site Manager is to deal with the projects ranging from small scale to the large ones. The kind of projects can be of civil, rail, malls and many more. His responsibility is to guide and work with planners, architects, sub-contractors, engineers, construction managers and surveyors. His responsibility is to survey the projects and come out with all requirements needed for its proper completion.

Site Engineer Job Responsibilities

–          His responsibility is to play a role of technical person for guiding the crafts, operatives and subcontractor on any construction site.

–          He must check out the accuracy of work at regular interval of time in order to get rid from the future related problems.

–          According to the requirements of the project, the selection of resources and tools by the Site engineer must be of quality mark and this is one of his major responsibilities.

–          His responsibility is to make cost effective plans and procedures for the project.

–          He is responsible for conducting regular meetings and presentations for the workers and sub contractors, regarding the details of project.

–          The Site manger is responsible for preparing the current reports of the project in order to make himself aware with the current work going on it.


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