Server Administrator Job Responsibilities

Server Administrator Job Responsibilities

A server administrator is the technical professional who is responsible for installing, configuring, implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting servers.  Server administrators are required to have specialized knowledge about server administration, different operating systems, active directory and other directory services.  Server administrators are required to handle and manage server traffic and client configurations on the servers.

Server Administrator Job Responsibilities:

  • Server Administrator job responsibilities include installing servers and configuring services on servers for client computers.
  • Server Administrator job responsibilities also include study and analysis of networking environment in an organization and services that a server is required to extend to the client computers. After detailed analysis server administrators are required to choose appropriate operating system and server to provide all the required services.
  • The server admins are also required to design, implement and troubleshoot security policies on servers.
  • Server Administrator job responsibilities also include management of vendors, auditing, periodic checks to ensure smooth functioning of all the hardware components and software applications.
  • These professionals are also required perform risk management, design risk identification and prevention policies and perform system recovery tasks.
  • Server administrators are also responsible for configuring user and group management policies so that only authorized users can access the sensitive data.
  • Server Administrator job responsibilities also include monitoring and configuring network infrastructures, networking applications and protocols, configuring and implementing web services.
  • These technical professionals’ job responsibilities include configuring and maintaining directory services, data services, file sharing services, resource sharing services, web page access services and name resolution services on the servers.

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