Security Manager Job Responsibilities

Security Manager Job Responsibilities

Security Manager Responsibilities

A Security Manager takes care of all the security operations for a business and develops and enforces the various security policies in order to ensure about the safety and security for its employees and visitors. The security manager is also responsible for providing an appropriate access and protecting the confidentiality and integrity of an organization and its related policies and standard operating procedures.

Security Manager Job Responsibilities


–  Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the unit, related to the issues of the security and recommending corrective actions and measures.

–  Maintaining and creating a good customer relationship in order to ensure complete understanding of the various customer processes and providing them good responses, regarding the security measures.

–  Responsible for planning, developing and implementing various security plans and programs for example: Crisis Management, Physical Security, Information Protection, Emergency Responses and Incident Management.

–  Updating the various security technology and complex industry trends for safety.

–  Responsible for performing and analysing the annual risk analysis for the country, related to the crime, terrorism, workplace violence, threats from natural and manmade disasters.

–  Providing proper advice and counselling to the line management on various security policies and practices.

–  Developing and implementing the security coordinator programs and measures for providing proper training and guiding the coordinators.


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