Sales Secretary Job Responsibilities

Sales Secretary Job Responsibilities

A sales secretary is a person who is responsible for carrying out all the clerical duties within a sales team or a sales department of a company. A sales secretary is appointed may also be required to sell products in certain cases but is mainly required to carry on the duties which are related to assisting the salesmen and the other sales team members.

These individuals have a host of duties to perform. Given below are a few of the most important sales secretary job responsibilities which can be referred to by those who need to know about this field.

Sales secretary job responsibilities:

  • A sales secretary’s job position demands him/her to carry on clerical duties such as handling day to day operations, assisting sales team members and making and receiving clients to and from clients.
  • A sales secretary is responsible for document handling, file making and handling other kinds of paperwork of the office space.
  • An individual who is a sales secretary in a company may also be required to work as a salesman on certain days and sell products or items and hence it is his/her responsibility to have a thorough knowledge about the products/goods/services.
  • A sales secretary is also responsible for fixing up meetings, ensuring the fact that meetings with clients go smooth and assisting administrative department etc.
  • A sales secretary is responsible for updating cancelations received by the company every month and looking after supply of stationary and other important supplies.
  • A sales secretary is an individual who is responsible for taking orders from the sales manager and maintaining files, cash registers and inventory.
  • It is the responsibility of a sales secretary to update the business profile, business website, send cards to clients on holidays, festivals or other special occasions.

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