Sales Representative Job Responsibilities

Sales Representative Job Responsibilities

Sales Representative Responsibilities

The Sales Representatives of an organization are the fundamental and an integral team of an organization as they are in charge of promoting the product or the service the company has to offer. The main objective of a sales representative is to travel to potential clients and current clients and to represent the company or the product he is responsible for.

Sales Representative Job Responsibilities

–          The primary objective of a Sales Representative is to present and sell a product to potential or a current client.

–          Conduct extensive field activities and to follow-up on potential clients.

–          Must be able to improve existing product knowledge and enhance product functionality by providing product reports on feedback from customer.

–          Has to be creative and should be able to develop innovative means of promoting the product.

–          Should provide a user friendly customer service to both prospective and present clients.

–          Should have excellent communication and inter-personal skills to maintain a good rapport of the company with existing and potential clients.

–          Should be able to co-ordinate with product manufacturers and must be able to conduct quality checks at regular intervals to maintain the standards of the company.

–          Should also be able to collect payments and maintain a record of lapses and must follow-up.

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