Sales Manager Job Responsibilities

Sales Manager Job Responsibilities

Sales Manager Responsibilities

A Sales Manager is collectively responsible for the development, execution and performance of the product with respect to the market. The Sales Manager is responsible for the effective co-ordination of his team and obtaining maximum profitability of a product in the market.

The Sales Manager is responsible for broadening the customer base and applying strategies to increase the profit margin.

Sales Manager Job Responsibilities

–          Develops a sales strategy and develops a business plan for the organization such that it maximizes profits.

–          Prepares a plan of execution for a team to achieve profit targets.

–          Should provide feedback to superior authorities on a regular basis.

–          Must study the market and initiate new projects.

–          Must study the competition and come up with an effective plan to make the product of the organization superior.

–          Must maintain a precise record of all prices, sales and activity reports.

–          Must maintain a budget and all activities should comply according to guidelines.

–          Must be responsible for all activities taking place within the sales team.

–          Must be able to motivate the team to meet sales targets and to improve performance from the previous sales return.

–          Should assist accounts executives to prepare proposals for future projects or details of previous projects and other activities.


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