Sales Department Job Responsibilities

Sales Department Job Responsibilities

It is the sales department of any business organization which is the mainstay of how well the products of a company are introduced into the marketplace. It is not possible for a business to last long without the sale of its goods and services. It is this factor which makes the sales department the most important part of the supply and demand of a product.

Responsibilities of the Sales Department

There are various job responsibilities of a sales department professional and some of them are as follows:

  • They help in the process of recruiting salesmen. They also fix their compensation and territories to work with.
  • They provide training to the salesmen with regards to the knowledge of the goods and in methods of selling them.
  • They help in the supervision as well as help in directing the sales activities of the men in the field by sending those letters and providing helpful information.
  • They also prepare and furnish materials for salesmen in the way of sample cases, kits, price lists and portfolios.
  • They also help in supervising and checking the detailed reports, route lists, expense accounts as well as the daily letters of the salesmen.
  • They help in providing sales quotas, bonuses and incentives. They also conduct sales contests and special sales campaigns.
  • They help in preparing of the sales manuals.
  • They even cooperate with the advertising department. This is done to help the salesmen to sell the company‚Äôs advertising policy.
  • They even cooperate with the production department in the matter of sizes, quantities, qualities, packages, containers as well as seasonal goods.
  • They help in the making of a detailed investigation of the products so as to discover new uses to a dealer or consumer.
  • They conduct or arrange special market surveys. They also prepare an analysis of their territories so as to discover new markets for the goods.

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