Sales Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Sales Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Sales Coordinator Responsibilities

A Sales Coordinator is the interface between the production team and the potential customer. The primary responsibility of a Sales Coordinator is to recognize a potential customer and convert the potential into reality by making sure the customer has a complete understanding of the product, its pros and cons and make sure the customer realizes the uses of the product.

Sales Coordinator Job Responsibilities

–          The main objective of a Sales Coordinator is to recognize potential clients.

–          The Sales Coordinator must be able to also convert potential clients into buyers by representing the product adequately and in its true nature.

–          Providing inputs and ides to the marketing team on how to pursue a potential client.

–          The sales coordinator must also be able to educate the customer on developments in the product and establish a strong relationship between the customer and the company.

–          The sales coordinator should be able to decide the prices at which the product should be sold to the client without compromising on the company’s profits.

–          Must be able to conduct a detailed study of the weekly, monthly and annual sales by a team.

–          Should be capable of being polite and must tend to all the needs and demands of a customer.

–          Must make the customer comfortable.

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