Sales Clerk Job Responsibilities

Sales Clerk Job Responsibilities

A sales clerk’s job is related to customer service activities or duties. A sales clerk is appointed by a company so as to provide customers a support system while they are shopping or looking for their desired product or product type. Any person who is appointed as a sales clerk is also majorly responsible for handling the duties of a cashier.

He/she has other duties and responsibilities as well. The following few points shall be of help if you are looking for the sales clerk job responsibilities.

Sales Clerk Job Responsibilities:

  • A sales clerk is that employee of a company or retail store whose main responsibility is to sell products, goods or services to the customers as per their demand or specification.
  • A sales clerk is responsible for having a thorough knowledge of each item present in the store and must try to sell it to as many people as possible.
  • A sales clerk also looks after the cashier duties such as preparing bills, handling cash registers, processing cash payments and giving accurate change to the customer.
  • Any sales clerk responsibilities also include being polite and helpful to the customer and assisting them in understanding about a product or service in detail.
  • A sales clerk is also responsible for ensuring the fact that enough pieces of each item are present in the store and there is no shortage. In case of shortage, he/she must inform the management about the same.
  • A sales clerk may also be responsible for conveying the complaints and reviews of the customers to the management system so that the problem can be resolved.
  • It is the responsibility of a sales clerk to see to the fact that each customer goes home satisfied with the services and looks forward to coming back again.

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