Sales Associate Job Responsibilities

Sales Associate Job Responsibilities

Sales Associate Responsibilities

The Sales Associate is like the interface between the Sales team and the customer. A Sales Associate is responsible for maintaining the company standards in post-closing customer services. It is the duty of the Sales Associate to maintain a constant rapport with all customers.

The Sales Associate is also responsible for general sales activities, merchandising and safe guarding company assets.

Sales Associate Job Responsibilities

–          The primary responsibility of the Sales Associate of any organization is to ensure that the customer of the company has a user friendly customer service experience, post-sale.

–          The Sales Associate must be aware of all the developments in the product and a clear knowledge of the market status.

–          Must have a clear picture of the inventory.

–          Must be involved in the planning of the promotion of the product and must be able to put forth innovative ideas for promotion.

–          Should be able to assist the customer in identifying the correct product.

–          The Sales associate must be able to develop a detailed knowledge about the existing market trends and should be able to implement these trends cost effectively and also must maximize profit.

–          Should be capable of conducting seminars and meetings for potential clients to demonstrate every aspect of the product to the potential clients.


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