Sales Agent Job Responsibilities

Sales Agent Job Responsibilities

Sales agent is a person who is recruited by a manufacturer to distribute or sell his products either within a confined area let’s say a town,  a territory, a state, a group of states, or at higher level throughout the country or even at international level.  This particular person plays an important role in the success of individual companies of an industry.

This is the person who is active in catching attention of the buyers and producing interest in them to buy the product. A sales agent spend much of his time in travelling from one place to another, visiting current clients or buyers and acquiring new ones. Hence he has strong customer base from numerous versatile fields and lifestyles such as large entrepreneurs or small independent business owners. Sales agent job responsibilities are mentioned below in detail.

Sales Agent Job Responsibilities:

  • He is the person who looks after existing accounts, acquire orders, create new accounts and acquire and establish new clients.
  • Amongst the main job responsibility, he is responsible for planning and organizing daily schedule and calling existing potentials and other traders.
  • A sales agent is meant to consult with higher official of the company or organization, sales department and various advertising agencies in order to develop and carry out various promotional plans.
  • Towards this process of promotions and advertisements, a sales agent has a responsibility to identify new promotional and advertisement markets.
  • It is his responsibility to attend sales meeting, training seminars, industry trade shows and various other export shows to gather information about latest trend as well as other existing rivals.
  • After acquiring orders, he looks after timely manufacturing and delivery of them. He makes a price list and submits those according to that.
  • A sales agent is also responsible to resolve the client’s complaints by investigating problems, preparing reports and making necessary recommendations.
  • He is the person who can suggest changes in the product, services and other policies after evaluating outcomes, profits and other competitive market developments.
  • It is his responsibility to be ready with the past records about the company which he is presenting, so that a new customer or client does not doubt about the growth of the organization.
  • He is responsible for his subordinate’s training program.
  • He creates and maintains a strong sales team to achieve estimated goals of his organization, in terms of profits and sales and other growth factors.

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