Retail Sales Rep Job Responsibilities

Retail Sales Rep Job Responsibilities

A retail sales Representative is a person who works in retail stores and support customer in choosing and purchasing products and other services. Other than helping and aiding customers with their selection of product, he is also responsible for stock management and inventory, making and account of it. He is dedicated in making stores presentable so as to please and attract maximum customers towards the product items.

He is supposed to have a flexible schedule, due to the reason that many stores open early and closes late. However many sales representative manages this schedule and perform such responsibility on a part time basis. He is a person who is link between retail store and customer, who informs customer about product and generates sales. For this purpose, he must have detailed knowledge about the product and should know about sales transactions. In a way, in today’s era, they are the representative of their employers. Various retail sales rep job responsibilities are mentioned below.

Retail Sales Representative Job Responsibilities:

  • His prime responsibility is to describe the product or service feature, it usage, showing is model variations in terms of functionalities and designing. This has to be done in a way that customer can choose the best for themselves. In this way, he contributes in attaining a customer for long.
  • He is responsible for sale of the product or services.
  • A retail sales representative is responsible for carrying out financial transaction such as payment from credit card or cheques, processing discounts or coupons,  opening or closing o cash registers, accountability of receipts and handling returned item as well.
  • He is equally responsible to take inventory and stocks, prepare hoard displays, clothes on mannequins and arrangements related with deliveries.
  • He discusses warranties, replacement schemes and other product related features and facilities.
  • He should have special knowledge and skills related with product. He should also possess good memory to memorize the location of the product.
  • Along with the responsibilities, he should enjoy communicating with customers and should be patient while dealing with any frustrated appeasing customer.
  • A retail sales representative should speak well and must carry a persuasive attitude.
  • He is also responsible for carrying orders on phone.
  • He keeps a track of permanent customer; let’s say customer’s contact details. And for any new offer or discount, or any new products arrived in the store, he is responsible for inviting that customer, through phone or email. In this way maximizing the sales of the store.
  • He provide customer with expected time of delivery and make sure the item to be delivered on time, to attain the goodwill and faith of the customer.
  • A retail sales representative, counts all the cash and other money transactions at the end of the day.
  • He changes the displays as per seasonal trends.
  • He is the person who makes sure that the pricing is correct.

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