Restaurant Manager Job Responsibilities

Restaurant Manager Job Responsibilities

A restaurant manager is one who is responsible of monitoring the day to day activities of a restaurant. He/she is not necessarily the owner of the restaurant but reports to the proprietor.  A restaurant manager is also referred to as the Restaurant operations manager. There are several associate, bachelors and degree programs offered at the college or university level to train people to become restaurant managers.

There are various responsibilities that are looked after by the person working at the post of a restaurant manager and the list of the major ones is given below:

Restaurant Manager Job Responsibilities:

In any restaurant, the general manager needs to be aware of every function under the roof. On a broad basis, the manager should:

  • Estimate the food consumption on a daily basis and order for supplies accordingly. This includes raw material for food served along with beverages.
  • Ensure that food that is served is fresh and of good taste and quality.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the restaurant and also focus on the hygiene of the kitchen, store room and the bathrooms.
  • Observe how the waiters are treating guests and instruct them to change their attitude if needed.
  • Keep an eye on the bills being handed out to the guests and must make sure that there are no miscalculations in those bills.
  • Try and bring in something new and innovative in the menu so that the guests have a reason to come back to the restaurant.
  • Make sure of the safety and security of the restaurant and the guests and hence arrange for security if needed.
  • Address any concern raised with regards to food quality or behavior or staff.
  • Recruit staff when necessary, train them and make sure that they meet the standard of the restaurant.

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