Purchase Assistant job Responsibilities

Purchase Assistant job Responsibilities

A purchase assistant is an employee of a company who works for the purchasing department and assists senior buyers to make purchase related choices or decisions. Any person working at this job position works as a bridge or connection between the purchasing department and the manufacturers of the products.

Whoever works at this position must have high attention to detail, ability to do market research and strong knowledge of the products to be purchase. There are several purchase assistant duties and responsibilities and the following are the major ones:

Purchase assistant job responsibilities:

  • A purchase assistant is responsible for acquiring all the necessary supplies needed by the company to run its day to day activities and operations. These may include purchasing of paper, stationary, and computer devices etc.
  • If the purchasing assistant is hired by a retail company, then he/she may also be responsible for assisting the senior executives or buyers of the company to help negotiate the best price from the manufacturer of the goods or items that are being bought.
  • Doing market research, understanding and comparing prices etc. are some of the other major responsibilities for anyone who is working as a purchase assistant.
  • A purchase assistant has another job responsibility of placing orders online or over the phone.
  • Contacting with suppliers and maintaining a good relationship with them is also a part of the job of a purchasing assistant.
  • Answering phones, keeping records or the items bought or the items due to be purchased are also some of the other responsibilities of a purchase assistant.
  • Another job responsibility of a purchasing assistant is to check if there are any kinds of delays in shipping of the items ordered and make sure that everything reaches the company in time and in proper condition.

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