Project Manager Job Responsibilities

Project Manager Job Responsibilities

Project Manager Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of a project manager to work intimately with a variety of other professionals during the process of contract. They need to ensure that the construction work is taking place according to the agenda and within the budgetary strategy but without compromising on quality.

They mainly help define the objectives of the project and oversee the quality issues throughout their life cycle.

Project Manager Job Responsibilities


–          Represent the interest of the client.

–          During the contract, they attend both on-site and pre-site meetings.

–          Liaise with all other professionals working in the project.

–          Sees to the entire safety and health checks.

–          Ensures that the quality and excellent standards are maintained.

–          Keep track on the progress of the project to make sure that the project is completed on budget and on time.

–          Maintain records of expenses, costing, accounting and billing.

–          Control the project from the early conception till its completion.

–          He coordinates and takes a financial control of the construction project.

–          They see that the wishes of the client are adhered and get completed on time within the agreed budget.

–          Take the responsibility of planning and managing the construction project.

–          At a time, he is liable to work on many other projects also.



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