Product Analyst Job Responsibilities

Product Analyst Job Responsibilities

A product analyst is the person who does research work related to the product promoted by the company. A product analyst has important contribution in the growth of the company, as its main motive is to do research of the consumer market where the product is established. One looking for the job of product analyst should have a bachelor’s degree in economics or any other course related to the field of commerce and masters in business administration (MBA).

There are lots of important responsibilities which a product analyst has to perform. These responsibilities are as follows.

Product Analyst Job Responsibilities:

  • A product analyst needs to give a detailed report on the quality of the product and its chances of providing growth to the company.
  • Before the launch of the product, a product analyst needs to locate those markets where the demands for the product will be higher and must also point those age groups where the product will prove to be successful.
  • A product analyst also helps the advertising unit in correct promotion of the product. He has do research on what sort of advertisement will prove to be advantageous for the product.
  • After the launch of product, a product manager needs to conduct a survey on the response attained by the product and may also come up with the methods to improve the marketing of the product.
  • A product analyst then prepares a detailed report which is to be given to the chairman of the company, in order to show the growth rate or the loss accounted by the product.
  • For the purpose of research, a product analyst may be required to survey the consumers from household to household, to know the response of the public. He or she may also visit different markets to know about the sales condition of the product.

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