PHP Developer Job Responsibilities

PHP Developer Job Responsibilities

PHP Developer Responsibilities

A PHP developer has to take care of the page layout, the design and the entire coding of the website in PHP format. The PHP developer will be responsible for the technological and graphical facets of a website. The developer updates the current features of an existing website.

They develop program codes by referring to existing websites and software packages and upload the site on to the server.

PHP Developer Job Responsibilities

  • Updating the site with added features.
  • Testing the site for proper functioning.
  • Detecting for any technical errors that might have arisen due to any mistake in the code.
  • Provide efficient support to the PHP content.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the type of content the website is planning to host.
  • Develop the content based on the client requirements.
  • Deliver proper guidance and support on the page layout and display features for the client websites.
  • Will have proper communication other programmers and designers for an efficient outcome.
  • Will have to do the documentation of the program and include technical specifications in the code.
  • Proper testing of the developed code at various stages to detect bugs.
  • They collaborate with several individuals like designers, database administrators, CSS & HTML programmers and project manager.
  • They design architecture of the program.

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