Pharmacy Assistant Job Responsibilities

Pharmacy Assistant Job Responsibilities

A pharmacy assistant is a person that assists the head pharmacist in a pharmacy. They act as per the order of the pharmacist or are directed by the prescription and do not hold any diagnoses authority by themselves. The assistant pharmacist helps in organizing the pharmacy affairs in a better and easy to handle manner. They are also referred to as pharmacy technicians. It is required to have a college program certificate to achieve the position of the assistant in a pharmacy.

Pharmacy assistant job responsibilities

  • It is the duty of the pharmacy assistant to deal with the customers and provide them with the required medications and clarify their doubts and queries pertaining to the prescribed medicines.
  • The pharmacy assistant is responsible for answering the telephonic inquires and giving proper information to the caller.
  • The pharmacy assistant is required to arrange the counter with bottles, vials, pre packs and all the other important things sold in general.
  • Ti is the duty of the assistant to clean, arrange and organize the shelves in such a manner that the required medicine can be easily traced. The routine and frequently used medicine should be arranged separately so that it saves time.
  • The pharmacy assistant types labels and make the prescription for the approval of the pharmacist.
  • The pharmacy assistant is responsible for preparing the list of the medical representatives and assists the pharmacist to prepare formulary which lists the medicines available.
  • TheĀ  duty of the pharmacy assistant is to keep a check on the stock of medicines and equipments in the pharmacy, check about the orders placed of medicines and other required products to the companies for and to ensure their timely deliveries.
  • The pharmacy assistant helps in the inspection of the expiry dates of the pharmaceutical products and discards the expired products and order for reimbursements.

Pharmacy assistant is required to keep a check on the eligibility of the prescription holder and keep a record for payments.

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