Pharma Product Manager Job Responsibilities

Pharma Product Manager Job Responsibilities

Pharma product manager is the person who scrutinizes, chooses, researches and develops pharmaceutical products for his organization. He is dedicated towards the activities of product management. He take into account many factors such as targeted demographic, products introduced by the competitors, what are the innovations that can be carried out to outstand your own product from the crowd i.e. in word detailed researches and whether the product fits within the business model of the organization. He stands to manage one or more substantial product. He is the person who is involved in product planning and marketing as well. He carries out the entire product life cycle, gather information as per demand and requirement, prioritize, customize requirements, defines product vision, do research and development to deliver customer winning product. He is the person who works along sales and marketing team as well to generate maximum revenue and customer satisfaction. His prime goal is to support company’s strategies and goals. There are various job responsibilities of a pharma product manager as mentioned below.

Pharma Product Manager Job Responsibilities:

  • He is the main person to coordinate and supervises all the aspects of medical products, right from the beginning of research funding till the product advertising.
  • It is his responsibility to go through needed training and come up with required experience in both the fields i.e. management and science. In this way, he will be able to lay good and effective impression upon his subordinates to be technically sound.
  • A pharma product manager is responsible for providing necessary technical expertise to the sales team, to make them efficient to sale the medical product. For example, telling them the salts of particular medicine and outcome of that product as compared to rivalry product.
  • He has a great responsibility of reviewing the product data to make sure that field person are updated with new researches and developments in terms of various companies and competitors medical products.
  • He is the first person responsible for any product related enquiries and work jointly with other colleagues in Research and development department or some other Clinical Regulatory to address and resolve any issues which may rise.
  • He is responsible to acquire current promotional information about the product from field force, so as to carry out necessary amendment in promotional material if required.
  • He carries out researches to predict customer attitude about the current medical product and new introduced product. Such researches can either be carried out within house or outside in partnership with some agencies, after defining responsibilities and other communication plan.
  • He has a core responsibility to assist development of annual marketing plan of any pharma product in order to control its advertisement and promotion and d other sales aid.
  • He is also responsible to prepare product forecast, monitoring inventory consistently and other warehouses locally or globally to ensure supplies on time.
  • He has all the responsibilities from initiating any product till its promotion advertisement and supplies to the customers. And afterwards, necessary researches required according to the feedback of the customer.

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