Patient Care Technician Job Responsibilities

Patient Care Technician Job Responsibilities

A patient care technician is an individual whose job requires him/her to assist patients in need of any form of help, be it for giving them medicines at the right time, or helping them walk, bathe, dress up, or perform any daily task. It is a vital responsibility of the patient care technician to help the patient(s) as and whenever required, as well as maintain a thorough record of their physical and mental condition, to be aware of any necessity and also report to the doctors when needed.

Such a technician must not only be well-equipped with all the required skills to conduct the responsibilities included in the job but should also have expert communication skills to connect well with the patients and provide them with the required physical, mental, and emotional support.

Patient Care Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • A patient care technician must be well-trained and aware of the underlying aspects of the PCT program designed by respective officials or authorities to underline the duties of such technicians.
  • A patient care technician is responsible for preparing a healthy and disease-free environment that would help in the early recovery of patients. The environment to be created must have a motivational feel, for which the technician is again responsible.
  • A patient care technician is responsible for keeping a thorough record of the patient’s health status based on observations and medical reports.
  • A patient care technician is also responsible for assisting patients and individuals in need with regular works such as bathing and toilet needs as well as medical help such as physiotherapy, walking, exercises, etc.
  • A patient care technician is often responsible for helping doctors and other hospital staff with activities related to patient care and health services.
  • A patient care technician is required to take responsibility for keeping the patients not only physically fit but also mentally stable and happy. Technicians in the field of patient care must be well-versed with techniques to communicate effectively with each patient, according to their needs, and support them efficiently.

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