Painter Job Responsibilities

Painter Job Responsibilities

Painter Responsibilities

A Painter often engages in painting, applying preparatory materials, staining the surface walls, ceilings, equipment and furniture. A painter also prepares and applies the appropriate materials to the signage and irregular surfaces such as parking lots, streets, and athletic play areas.

The main responsibility involves maintaining the appropriate services and repair records and even train and direct other classified staff for work.

Painter Job Responsibilities


Applying the protective and decorative coats of paint, varnishing and other related materials to the interior and exterior surfaces of the building, furniture, equipment, and other structures.

–  Involves in various activities like washing, scraping, sanding, and smoothening the interior and exterior surfaces before applying paint, and other related items.
–  Cleaning the painting equipments, paint mixing area, and the work area.

–  Installing and maintaining the drywall, wall texturing, and ceiling acoustic texturing.

–  Operating the heavy lift equipment including the scissors and erects various types of  scaffolding, staging, ladders, and planks to reach to the surfaces of work area.

– Applying the paints, stains, surface preparatory materials, and undercoating materials to a variety of surfaces and ensures about the compliance with hazardous materials guidelines.

– Determining the appropriate color for new or for any replacement applications after the consultation with the customer.

– Maintaining the proper matching with the appropriate paint products.

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