Nursery Worker Job Responsibilities

Nursery Worker Job Responsibilities

Nursery Worker Responsibilities

He is responsible mainly for harvesting, taking care of flower plants, cultivating, planting seeds, transplanting of plants and shrubs and overall maintenance. He is responsible for carefully nurturing the shrubs and plants till they grow in to trees and sturdy plants.

He has to make sure the plants are carefully nourished in the green house which could be used for instructional and research purpose.

Nursery Worker Job Responsibilities

–  Regulates the Green house conditions.

–  Maintain records of plants and their growing conditions.

–  Sell or purchase flowering plans and shrubs from other dealers.

–  Assists researches by professors, students and public with horticultural solutions.

–  He has to plant, fertilize, de-weed, water and spray the plants in the green house.

–  He has to be able to recognize what other materials are needed to nourish and maintain the plants.

–  The land needs to be de-weeded and cleaned up to make it suitable for gardening or landscaping.

–  Climatic control systems and irrigation maintenance is very important.

–  He has to be able to give advice to clients about purchase, selection, nourishment of plants etc.

–  Should maintain inventory by ordering for different materials whenever required.

–  Should participate in rooting, seeding flowers, potting, transferring plants to bed, re-potting, rooting, boxing plants, slipping and other tasks in the green house.


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