Network Support Technician Job Responsibilities

Network Support Technician Job Responsibilities

A network support technician handles the tasks of installation as well as management of various networks at different levels of communication. It is his job to ensure that the systems currently working for providing IT-related services are being provided with sufficient and suitable network support facilities.

A technician in the field of network support jobs must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or must have completed at least his/her graduation in the same or related fields. A number of duties and responsibilities are required to be tackled by a network support technician and hence it is extremely necessary for the individual to possess a thorough knowledge of the possible networks and the required support for effective communication and system utilization.

Network Support Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • A network support technician has to sincerely undertake job responsibilities of analyzing various network sources, type and nature, functioning, and development of effective communication networks at all possible levels and physical areas
  • A network support technician’s job requires him to take up responsibility for design and integration of various network support systems that communicate at user levels and provide proper network facilities to clients.
  • A network support technician has to take up job responsibilities of properly surveying the various aspects of an IT or software related project and the corresponding factors that affect the network support system involved in the same – time constraints, costs estimation, etc.
  • It is the job responsibility of a network support technician to study various issues of various networks and prepare effective replies and suggestions to clientele enquiry regarding the concerned subject.
  • A network support technician is responsible for ensuring perfect maintenance and proper monitoring of security issues in every network available to him as part of the job.
  • A network support technician often needs to educate users and also fellow staff regarding the latest developments of network and corresponding communication facilities, as an important job responsibility.
  • A network support technician is responsible for keeping all technical records of network and the required support systems and coordinate with other departments, often requiring reporting to higher authorities.

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