Network Administrator Job Responsibilities

Network Administrator Job Responsibilities

Network Administrator Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of a network administrator include the maintenance of the whole system network. The network administrator will be responsible for the maintenance of both the hardware and software aspects of the system.

The role of the administrator involves the operation and configuration of the network with continuous monitoring. They are also responsible for the prompt maintenance of system hardware and software facets that constitute the system network.

Network Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure proper functioning of the network.
  • Design and organize the system network.
  • Assigning routing procedures and configurations.
  • Maintenance of various network based servers.
  • Will be responsible for network security.
  • Will have to assign IP addresses to the various devices that are connected to the system network.
  • Will have to take care of system settings along with printer settings.
  • Will have to debug problems that are related to the network.
  • Proper maintenance of the systems of the organization.
  • Responsible for the purchase of new hardware for the organization.
  • Setting up standard installation packages for all the systems to ensure uniformity.
  • Evaluate the purchase of fresh devices.
  • Ensure proper connectivity to all the end users in the organization.
  • They administer network work-stations to utilize 1 or more TCP / IP or non TCP / IP protocols.

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