Mistakes that do not allow you to find work fast and that you should avoid

Looking for work is ‘a job’ that requires organization, coherence and discipline. Not only is it enough to have an updated resume, you also need to focus your job search and use some ‘rules’ to start calling you.

Mistakes that do not allow you to find work fast and that you should avoid

The compose with Marcela Rojas, race coach and Headhunter, who also works at Mar Coaching Atelier and Empodera Talento Humano. She shared the mistakes people often make when trying to employ themselves.

Mistakes you should not make when looking for a job

1. Looking for a job when you don’t have a job:

“Many immerse themselves in their working lives, disconnecting from friends, former colleagues and bosses. Then, when for some reason they are out of work, they start from scratch to look for a job and did not take advantage of the time being employed to create relationships, to do Networking, investigate what you are asking for and how the market in which you operate is moving to cultivate your next work steps,” Rojas warned.

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2. Communicate that you are looking for a job:

According to the expert, many people, out of “shame to feel in a position of vulnerability and maintain a strong image”, do not share with their contacts that they are open to new job options or that they are unemployed.

On some occasions, that next job opportunity may be known to a friend or family member. Of course, people should approach it from “openness to change and not as a complaint.”

3. Apply to everything you see:

Sometimes, despair and need can lead people to apply indiscriminately to different types of job offers, positions and sectors outside their knowledge.

“This is like throwing bottles with messages of help to the sea; They create a short-lived sense of hope as you submit the resume, but over time it creates too much frustration, as you may not be called for a job, you’re not ready for.”

Rojas added that in these situations people can feel much worse and “professional self-esteem goes to the floor, when in reality it is the strategy that is failing.”

Other things you shouldn’t do:

  • Lying on a resume or in the job interview.
  • Do not leverage your social networks to expand your job search.

Keys to making looking for a job a success

We do not want to discourage you, on the contrary, we want you to find a better job. The portal also received, from the Head hunter and career coach, the necessary points to make your job search more effective.

  • Get to know yourself professionally and you will transmit your value offer accurately.
  • Prepare an ‘impeccable’ resume, organized and that reflects why it would serve for the position to which you are applying.
  • Explore the job market and focus on the industry or sector of your interest.