Marketing Trainee Job Responsibilities

Marketing Trainee Job Responsibilities

Marketing Trainee Responsibilities

As a trainee in marketing, a person has to acquire knowledge on the business marketing of an organization in which he or she is working by assisting in corporate marketing related projects. After that he or she would be placed as part of field sales marketing and brand building which are very important for a particular organization to survive in the business world.

Marketing Trainee Job Responsibilities

–          Acquiring basic knowledge on the various techniques associated with advertising of the firm.

–          Using the proper strategies for maximum benefit, this knowledge can be acquired during the training period provided the trainee completes this period with maximum effort.

–          Undertaking marketing research so that consumers can be targeted easily, this should be done by understanding the requirements of the customers and fulfilling them properly.

–          Analyzing the customer’s demographic details in addition to forming marketing strategies accordingly.

–          Making a list of resellers who are targeted along with being properly connected with them.

–          Keeping all the sales records properly and up-to-date so that any information is available as per the requirement.

–          Meeting potential clients along with explaining various job features with them so that more customers would be coming to join the firm.

–          Maintaining a good relation with the public relations organizations and advertising firms.

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