Marketing Executive Job Responsibilities

Marketing Executive Job Responsibilities

Marketing Executive Job Responsibilities

The responsibility of a Marketing Manager is multifaceted. The job of a Marketing Manager includes the management of an organization’s activities, communication of market policies to the customers. The manager ha to create valuable and cost effective marketing plans. The manager has the responsibility of monitoring and analyzing the consumer behavior for the marketing of the company’s products.


General Purpose

-Responsible for generating marketing plans based on the application of proper marketing techniques and communicating the product messages to the end-users.

Main Job Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Communicate the marketing approach to customers through proper advertising.
  • Understand the behavior of the end user and devise appropriate marketing techniques.
  • Conduct campaign and events for the promotion of the product.
  • Understanding the potentiality of customers.
  • Managing the marketing budget.
  • Managing the marketing team.
  • Manage the online marketing of the product.
  • Conduct a market research and get the personal opinion of the customers by using questionnaires, internet and many other resources.
  • Ensure the increase in sales for a particular area that has been assigned to the manager.
  • Develop proper guidelines to attain the set goals.
  • Monitor the business activities of the firm.
  • Promote the product through various resources and increase the sales of the product.

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