Manufacturing Supervisor Job Responsibilities

Manufacturing Supervisor Job Responsibilities

Manufacturing Supervisor Responsibilities

This article discusses the various job responsibilities of a Manufacturing Supervisor in an organisation. Their job responsibilities are extremely vital for the growth of the organisation as it focuses on the quality of the products, managing the large scale production, cost effectively and resourcefully and not compromising on the quality of the product. The role of a Manufacturing Supervisor is to lead a team of professionals who specialize in the manufacture and production of articles effectively.

Manufacturing Supervisor job responsibilities:

  • Keeping in accordance to the company policy and work instructions the Manufacturing Supervisor will lead a team in the production of a quality product efficiently.
  • Must be capable of providing technical expertise on issues related to production
  • Responsible for maintaining all safety standards and norms and to enforce a harmonious work environment.
  • Should maintain employee performance.
  • Must be capable of resource management.
  • Must monitor production quality and quantity on a regular basis adhering to company policy.
  • Must generate monthly reports on production, quality, implementation and safety of employees.
  • Must make sure that the welfare¬† of employees is not being compromised in anyway.

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