Life Insurance Agent Job Responsibilities

Life Insurance Agent Job Responsibilities

A Life Insurance Agent is appointed by an insurance company to promote and sell their policies. Their duty is to convince the customer to buy their company’s insurance policy.

They explain the customer all aspects of the policy that is the risk covered, the tax benefit, options of paying the premium, the assured maturity amount and much more. Life Insurance Agent job responsibilities are discussed below in detail.

Life Insurance Job Responsibilities

  • Life Insurance Agents are responsible for getting maximum sales for the company by convincing existing as well as prospective customers.
  • If an agent is not able to convince people, his duty is to make a note of the requirements of the clients and discuss with their companies about this and see if the client requirements can be met.
  • Life Insurance Agent has to be patient while selling the policy and explain all the available plans to help the client select the best plan as per their needs.
  • Life Insurance Agent has to be tactful and needs to have a sound knowledge of financial market strategies with regards to bank loans and other loans which customers can avail to aid his decision.
  • Life Insurance Agents have to build a good relationship with the client and assure client services like premium reminders, etc. They have to keep the clientsupdated about any new market strategies that can benefit them.
  • Life Insurance Agent can promote sales by getting referrals for friends or relatives from the existing clients by offering referral schemes.
  • Life Insurance Agent may have timely meetings with the client’s company for any considerations which can bring more sales to the company by discussing client requirements.
  • Life Insurance Agent has to explain all the aspects of the policy to the client and assure them of his/ her continued assistance.

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