Lab Technician Job Responsibilities

Lab Technician Job Responsibilities

Lab Technician Responsibilities

The role of a Lab technician is to support the laboratory procedures, perform the maintenance tasks and conduct all the non-technical lab procedures under professional supervision.

Lab technicians are responsible for monitoring all the lab supplies and making new orders. The Lab technician has to keep track of all the records that are related to the lab activities and conduct analysis on microorganisms.

Lab technician Job Responsibilities

–          Perform all the regular laboratory tests.

–          Provide all the technical support and set up the lab equipment for the examination of various specimens.

–           Arrange all the specimens that are necessary for the lab tests and examinations.

–          Arrange and maintain all the records and administration of the laboratory.

–          Work under the supervision and instruction of the senior staffs.

–          Maintain a very clean and hygienic work space in the laboratory.

–          Prepare the lab specimens, media and other stuffs like smears and slides for the experiments.

–          Generate valid results for the different experiments and tests.

–          Create a record regarding all the lab supplies.

–          Conduct tests on microorganisms like bacteria, parasites, fungus and many others.

–          Work as part of the team and evaluate all the test results.

–          Develop the procedures and monitor all the programs in order to check and assure the precision of the tests.

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