Kitchen Manager Job Responsibilities

Kitchen Manager Job Responsibilities

A Kitchen Manager is one who is directly responsible for the management of the kitchen. This does not only mean looking with timely delivery of orders and maintaining inventories. It goes beyond that, as the Kitchen manager in his scope build the reputation of the restaurant.

No customer would prefer to visit a restaurant unpopular for its food and service. Ideally for single kitchen restaurant this role is occupied by a single person. In larger hotels, with more than three restaurants, there may be more than one Kitchen Manager, each having separate kitchens assigned to him.

In most cases, hotels and restaurants prefer to hire and then train their employees, but ideally a degree/certificate in food service management is preferred. Some of the major kitchen manager job responsibilities are given below:

Kitchen Manager Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the complete management of the kitchen and back of house in any restaurant (which includes the kitchen opening and closing hours)
  • Ensure that the kitchen is always clean and hygienic, with chefs and cooks wearing gloves, uniforms and head gears; this makes sure that the team is not taken aback in case of sudden inspection
  • Adhere to quality standard, and make sure that no raw material of substandard quality is being used and there is less wastage
  • Ensure that all kitchen personnel work safely (and are aware of health and safety laws) while working on special equipments; this includes keeping medical emergency numbers handy
  • Identify and maintain staffing level; this includes recruitment and training provided
  • Maintain inventory and stock; this includes ensuring that there is coordination with the procurement team and buffer suppliers are available
  • Based on restaurant performance, arrange for backup help or inventory; this includes analyzing and studying the trend of order and service
  • Stay updated on newer items offered in other competitive restaurants (menu development), services delivered or other promotional campaigns
  • Provide reports and improvement plans to senior management; it is also required that any updates from management is clearly instructed to the team and followed

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