IT Trainer’s Job Responsibilities

IT Trainer’s Job Responsibilities

IT Trainer’s Responsibilities

The main responsibility of an IT trainer is to design and distribute several programs in ICT (Information and Communication Technology). The responsibilities of an IT trainer include the application of such technologies which incorporate learning and transferring the skills to both Non-IT and IT subjects. His responsibility is to transfer the skills which include Content Management, ERP, Management Tools, Virtual Labs, E-assessment and Social Networking.

IT Trainer’s Job Responsibilities

–          The responsibilities of IT trainer include the evaluation of the efficiency of training programs and the outcomes of learning.

–          His responsibility is to support and train learners to deliver skills with the help of learning technologies.

–          He has to deliver the training programs in both the formal as well as in informal way.

–          He has to prepare such environment and resources which can make anybody easy to learn anything. It also includes the setup of IT equipments where they are necessary.

–          He has to define the sets of skills that are needed to execute different tasks.

–          He has to develop an appropriate combination of informal as well as formal activities of development.

–          He has to design the material that can be used in providing the courses of training. These materials include the manuals, handouts, exercises and a lot more.

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