Insurance Broker Job Responsibilities

Insurance Broker Job Responsibilities

Insurance Broker Responsibilities

The main role of insurance brokers is that they act as mediators or negotiators between customers and insurance companies. The responsibilities are to protect the policy holder from loss, collect the rate of premium from the insured party, selling of various insurance policies according to the requisites of the client and assisting and educating the insured parties for claim when needed.

Insurance Broker Job Responsibilities


–          Helping the clients in finding the best insurance contract according to requirement.

–          Proficiency with the recent updates (new policies and schemes), giving proper advice to the client for strengthening the bond between the insurance company and the client.

–          Maintaining proper data of each client with their needs and dates of renewal of policies.

–          Processing the accounts of the clients. They also help clients to calculate premiums, giving them the best method of payment or collecting regular premiums paid by the client.

–          Generating additional business for the Company by giving information about recent updates to the clients, convincing them to get insured for the right kind of insurance and attending charitable or community functions to get new clients.

–          Scheduling appointments according to the needs of the clients, and providing appropriate policies for them.

–          Inspecting property and health condition of the clients to determine the risk.

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