Instrument Technician Job Responsibilities

Instrument Technician Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of an instrument technician include the overall testing, maintaining and repairing of instrumentation in industries. The instrument technician should have knowledge of all the hand tools and must be good in operating all types of hardware and software on computer. A person seeking job as an instrument technician must have an engineering degree along with specialization in instrument handling.

He or she should know how to repair instruments used in industries and what test is to be conducted prior repairing of those devices. An enormous amount of activities are to be performed by an instrument technician which is listed below.

Instrument Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • An instrument technician installs and maintains devices such as metering and recording instrument, controlling devices, display equipment, telemetry system and communication.
  • Further an instrument technician needs to test the equipments in order to see whether there is need for repair or not. These testings are to be done by the means of equipments such as pressure gauges, ammeter, wattmeter, etc.
  • They need to check the water flow, temperature and pressure in the working of the instrument and maintain it accordingly.
  • They need to make sure that all the instruments are in good working condition and must clean as well as replace those instruments which require to be improved by the means of hand tools.
  • An instrument technician sees that the instrumental recording is accurate and checks the reading constantly in order to ensure accuracy of the recordings.
  • Further they may be required to make sketches and schematic drawings in order to show if any alteration in the instrument is required or not.
  • All the wiring and tubing is to be checked by the instrument technician so as to make sure that there is no problem in the working of the machines.

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