Imaging Specialist Job Responsibilities

Imaging Specialist Job Responsibilities

Imaging Specialist Responsibilities

Imaging specialist plays an important role in several phases of commercial photography that includes advisory and supervisory responsibilities. An imaging specialist is generally responsible for inspecting the positions related to technical support, performing photographic assignments and consulting services for customers.

The image specialists should co-ordinate by using different motion and still photograph elements alongside white & black or color equipments.

Imaging Specialist Job Responsibilities

– Advises staff and faculties on the available photographic services.

– Consults with professional consultant to provide special needs of a customer.

– Supervises the purchases related to photographic supplies, special equipments, lens, chemicals and other inventories.

– Manage and schedule photo shoot assignments or activities of the support personnel.

– To set the work priorities.

– Makes up the photographic reproduction like copy, photography, drawings and others equipments that help in preparation of slides, transparencies and visual aides for scientific or educational journals.

– Process and then print films by employing modern day technologies like microfilms, microphotography, books and newspapers.

– Should have extensive knowledge of photographic equipments, materials and techniques used in contemporary photography.

– Knowledge in different types of methods used to develop and process the films.

– Maintenance and use of the photographic equipments.

– Scheduling photographic activities and ensure that all the assignments are completed with in specified time frame.

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