IAS Job Responsibility

IAS Job Responsibility

IAS Responsibility

IAS means Indian Administrative Services. It is the administrative civil service of Indian government. They are also called Collectors. To become collectors or IAS officers candidates have to write a competitive examination known as Civil Services Examination and clear an interview.

Their work is administrative in nature. They have to work in accordance with the rules and regulations of the government.

IAS Job Responsibility

–          The duties of IAS officers vary according to their level. There are junior officer, senior scale, selection grade director, senior administrative grade and secretary.

–          They must have good decision making capability as they have to make important decisions.

–          They are allotted states which they must serve during their career.

–          They have to do planning by making decisions to achieve national targets.

–          They make policies by writing these plans in a paper so that it can be easily implemented and modified.

–          Then they implement the plans by following rules and regulations of the government.

–          They monitor the progress of projects by visiting the places and assure that funds are used for the intended purpose.

–          They provide information about the projects to the parliament.

–          They have to represent the government at national or international forum.

–          They also have to conduct meeting with superiors, do file work, answer to mails, etc.

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